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Kingmaker Partnership is a multi-tactic marketing agency that employs best of breed lead generation and digital marketing to generate sales opportunities for our clients. If it brings customers to your door, if it helps you engage with your customer base, if it pushes you ahead of the competition then we do it.

Through our experience in the corporate world, through working at agencies large and small and also our personal obsession with getting better information to make Lead Generation less of a hit and miss exercise we developed something we called our Decision Engine. We utilise a series of data sources aggregated into a business intelligence platform with some algorithms we have put in place to analyse particular market sectors.

This allows us to use Predictive analytics to help identify the right prospect and the right approach to identifying and answering that prospects issues .

Our Decision Engine brings up a number of pain points for people within a specific industry and allows us to prepare talking and discussion points that engage prospects and open the door for your proposal.

Our pursuit of improving the amount and quality of leads led us to working in the Digital Marketing space, where we started doing simple websites and have now progressed through to being Google accredited and partnering with major players in the digital marketing ad buying space.

From PPC, to going and doing speaking engagements for people like the Trinity Mirror group, we have a passion for digital marketing as its effectiveness is undoubted and the market is still growing so there are many ways for our clients to make their mark.

This leads us to marketing automation and data. We partnered with Hubspot and other automation platforms, we know how to transition you from CRM (or Excel in many cases) to a fully automated marketing platform that does 90% of the work for you.

We have a content marketing team that is now providing video marketing, professional photography alongside influencer engagement and various copy based content marketing offerings, this mix of services allows us to be flexible in our approach to you, companies are not one size fits all, and whether you are in financial services, IT or professional services we know that taking a single minded approach won't help you stand out from the crowd.

We understand that traditional tactics used alongside cutting edge technologies can help break through the noise of industry, have a look at some of our case studies to see the kinds of companies and engagements you can expect with Kingmaker Partnership.

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