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Volume leads are a consequence of a successful inbound marketing campaign, Does your inbound marketing program generate a high volume of enquiries, particularly web generated leads? Are you struggling to respond to them quickly and thoroughly?

This may be an unexpected outcome of a hugely successful inbound campaign, you might have reallocated resources to focus on inbound, or you might not be set up operationally to act immediately on these enquiries.

Are your sales teams being asked to parse leads that they would never normally see, are your marketing resource being spent on firefighting rather than nurturing? If the amount of leads has grown to an untenable point, there is a disconnect.

The outcomes of poor lead response:

  • Poor conversion of your new enquiries.
  • A backlog of unqualified leads.
  • Anger from your Sales teams at the quantity and quality of leads coming through.
  • Delaying follow-up with enquiries Alienating potential customers.
  • Inflated cost-per-conversion.
  • losing the lead to a competitor.
Recent studies show, on average companies take 46 hours and 53 minutes to respond to a lead. Additionally, the average sales person only makes 1.3 call attempts before giving up.

We have a continuous engagement program which attempts to contact a prospect at least 5 times a day until they are qualified as an opportunity or not, this provides a more responsive engagement, closing the sales cycle and increasing responsiveness.

Kingmaker Partnership provides a prompt and engrossed lead qualification service, calling back enquiries with structured SLAs and delivering opportunity to your team, ensuring maximum conversion of opportunities.

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