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We have found that when crafting a well structured persona for a campaign there are a number of benefits, from better understanding of the prospect, to minimising the scatter gun approach when crafting messages.

Its always in service of getting to know your customer and presenting the best face to them at all times, a CEO wouldn’t want the same approach as someone who heads governance and this is a key part of structuring your campaigns.

If you need to have a persona built, who does it? Who interviews the teams? Is there a structure in place to make sure that you are in a non-prejudiced way actually building a profile of your customers and their personas.

When you utilise Kingmaker Partnership to build an objective persona it is something that should be shared around the organisation, and will help with your overall business objectives. To discuss your program requirements

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    Continuous improvement program based on leads generated

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    Updates on new messages used and the process used to make the determination.


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