Due to the shift in markets from traditional paper to digital formats, the media group wanted to engage with an agency to help them get some prospects from the old formats to potentially embracing digital marketing.

The challenge: Well print buyers tend to be happy in their channels and trying to move people from one format to another is difficult, explaining the benefits of digital transformation and innovation can be a little overwhelming to some people.

The solution:

Well we needed some key ingredients, a room full of prospects who we had driven to the event through telemarketing, a series of slides that we put together for a presentation using a presentation platform that allowed for more interactive and interesting presentations.

And a Nerf gun. Yes that’s right.

The outcome:

Well many people wanted to transfer from print to digital, many wanted to be the person who used the Nerf gun. We took the pressure away from learning about digital platforms, by handing out Nerf guns to people in the audience with strict instructions to shoot the speaker if the conversation moved into language or concepts that they couldn’t understand.

From the responses to the telemarketing campaign we knew that the audience was mostly worried about the digital revolution and were hoping that we could break it down for them into something other than numbers and figures. We also knew that unless we made the environment appropriate they would probably not raise a hand and actually ask questions.

When as a group they could communicate and start talking to each other to work things out then it became a more productive session, a working group disguised as a presentation, with people talking about their experiences and collaborating to work things out.

This understanding of the audience is a key part of what kingmaker do, not everyone is going to be impressed by a Nerf gun and a presentation that looks more like a really well put together animation.

Some audiences are going to want to talk about how Quantitive analysis is being challenged by data scientists, or how access prevention and intrusion detection is being driven by more political factors that are now more and more out of the control of lobbying firms, or how depressed markets utilise R&D resources less and bullying is not the best way to get in front of customers.

All of those are discussions that people have had that we have initiated as part of the information from our decision engine and our teams experience, our solutions have helped prospects rise above the noise and really stand out from the crowd.